Bug Alert – No Order


Just as its name implies, the “Bug Alert – No orders” add-on gives you an apparent notification of an impending or active bug on your online store. 

Whenever it notices any form of breakdown or anomaly that’s preventing customers from placing orders, it informs you promptly via email. 

You can specify a threshold time in-between just a couple of orders during which you get a prompt notification and status update if you have not received any orders. This buys you enough time to resolve the issue and limit revenue loss to the barest minimum.

The module “Bug Alert – No orders” has the mission to easily discover any breakdown that would occur on your store. It is there to inform you and reassure you: as soon as your e-commerce site is facing a bug and customers can no longer order, you will receive an e-mail. You gain peace of mind and reaction time.

Have you ever had the bad experience that your site was down and customers could no longer order? How long did it take you to see this anomaly? Do you have any idea of ​​the loss of turnover that this bug caused for your Prestashop site?

Do not panic! The addon “Bug alert – No orders” is responsible for checking for you that everything is going well in your shop. All you have to do is set a threshold time between 2 orders. And if after this time no orders have been placed, this module automatically sends you an e-mail. This gives you the opportunity to visit the site to monitor the smooth running of operations. Thus, if a malfunction blocks the placing of orders, you see it immediately and can immediately work to its resolution.

Not only do you limit revenue losses, but you also avoid causing dissatisfaction and frustration from visitors to your e-shop.

With this Prestashop module, you can:

  • Automatically receive an alert if there has been no order placed for a moment (time defined by you).
  • Make sure you do not receive alerts on weekends if you sell in B2B.

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1.5.x – 1.7.x

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