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Order form


For many people, the ability to place orders and make quick purchases is one of the greatest perks of online shopping. But what happens when the hassle of a long order process overwhelms your customers when shopping online? Shopping becomes a time-consuming chore that bores your customers and causes a decline in sales. Obviously, you want your customers to have an enjoyable shopping experience while maintaining sales performance, and this is where the “Order Form” module comes in handy.

This Prestashop’s plugin lists out all the products available in your store in a pre-filled form and allows you to order in one click.

VAT Number – Customer group


Harness the flexibility of our “VAT Number – Customer group” module and classify your customers in the most professional manner.

Built specifically to bolster your working relationship with professionals in your field, the VAT Number – Customer group module allows you to tailor your level of service to suit your customers’ needs.

Equipped with two useful modes, this module can automatically sort your customer in a specific group depending the country code of their VAT Number or you can manually verify the merchant’s VAT number status.

Invoice Without Tax (Tax excl / without VAT)


An online store with a diverse customer base undergoes a lot of complexity when specifying their VAT-inclusive and VAT-exclusive price lists. Some big entities may demand to have the VAT excluded from the actual selling price, and Prestashop does too little to make this task easy.

But sometimes, you have to look beyond Prestashop’s default modules to keep your high-paying clientele, and that’s where we come in.

Our “Invoicing without tax (VAT/ ex. VAT)” module will take the stress out of excluding VAT from the actual selling price and transform it into a useful task.

Invoice – Credit slip Export with CRON, FTP and email support


The last thing you need after a week of hard work is to start fighting with your accountant about missing invoices informations. Our “Invoice – Credit slip Export with CRON, FTP, and email support” plugin allows you to export your invoice data with just a few clicks. Simply choose the informations you need from more than 50 data offered by the module.

Our Prestashop addon is compatible with almost any accounting software thanks to the simple and universal CSV file it generates.

With this plugin, you can transmit your data automatically via e-mail and/or to an FTP server. Communication with your accountant had never been that easy.

Deleting unnecessary product images


Of course, you want your product images to look stunning and attractive, and you will go to any length to source for high-quality images that clearly represent what your products stand for. But what happens when the products become obsolete, and the accumulated images are no longer useful? They eat up your space, bog down your store and slow down your website performance.

To combat this, our “Deleting unnecessary product images” module removes obsolete visuals, photos, and images that bogs down your server and optimize your store for better online performance.

Print orders by status or carrier


Many online stores encounter great difficulty managing big amount of orders, thus expend a lot of time and energy sorting out different orders according to their status or carriers.

When placing an order, customers are always prompted to select their mode of delivery. This leaves the store owner with no choice than to manually prepare the orders in correspondence with the delivery schedule of each carrier.

When you receive lots of orders, this can be overwhelmingly demanding and time-consuming. With our “Print orders by status or carrier” module, the entire process is a walk in the park. In a single click, this module allows you to edit and print the delivery note of all the orders with their corresponding specific carriers.

Get this one-size-fits-all module and export your invoice documents in real-time. 

Auto clean useless carts


Shopping cart abandonment is the worst nightmare of any online retailer. Research results showed that 3 out of 5 orders are lost during checkout where users abandon their carts before making a purchase. This leaves many junk carts in your database, reduces your store’s response rate and chases potential customers who are in a hurry away.

Our “Auto clean useless carts” module automatically removes junk carts from your database to create space for carts created by your regular customers who are more likely to finalize their order subsequently.

Quick order form


When your customers are able to add products on the go and check out within a twinkle of an eye, they tend to patronize your store more regularly.

Our “Quick Order Form” PrestaShop module takes the stress out of placing orders on your store and transform it into an enjoyable experience.

With this module, your customers can quickly look up the product details, confirm the availability status and eventually place an order, all within a couple of minutes. This module also gives you the administrative privilege to grant or deny access to the Quick Order Form using the Client Group feature.

Pay with phone


Want your customers to trust your site? Then you’ve got to give them a reason. Many customers are always skeptical about giving out their sensitive information online. They doubt the credibility of many online and would never give out their credit card details for any reason.

The “Pay with phone” plugin adds a notion of trust and loyalty to your Prestashop store. This module offers the “Pay by Phone” payment method that helps to facilitate a swift and efficient purchase. 

With this plugin, you can add a number that your customers can call to settle a pending order without disclosing their card details online.

SIRET – Auto Group


For any French company or business establishment, it is mandatory to have a SIRET number that represents the firm’s unique geographic identification.

Using this module, your clients can add and verify the authenticity of their SIRET number under the SIRET field. This helps to determine the status of your business customers according to their SIRET number and classify them in a group in one click.

With this plugin, you can sort your customers easily in order to be able to send a personalized message and set up special discount offers that will be received by your high-paying business customers only.

Customer messages on invoice and/or delivery slip


The “Customer messages on invoice and / or delivery slip” module comes in handy for firms and big companies with an invoice management department. With this module, they can add or include important company info on the invoice documents or delivery note before they are forwarded to their accounting department for processing.

The “Customer messages on invoice and / or delivery slip” module enhances your business logistics by giving your customers the opportunity to input their requests or private messages on the invoice documents. 

Privilege Card


In a competitive world where every customer’s choice is infinite and endless, an effective customer retention initiative is very important. That little customer incentive scheme may be the best way to retain your customers and stand out from the competition.

With the “privilege card” module, you can create a program which will allow you to group different kind of customers together. Our plugin adds a new field during registration and customer will land directly into the proper group thanks to his privilege card number. From there, customers are presented with customized juicy offers, discounts, and rewards for accepting to participate voluntarily. This segmentation enables you to bolster business relationship with your clients.

Product combination details


If you own an online store, you just cannot rely on Prestashop’s default statistics to perfectly represent your product combination details.

That is where the “Product Combination Details” add-on comes in handy. This module perfectly complements your products by listing out their accurate data and sales statistics include product discounts, quantities sold, availability status, and revenue generated. These details reflect your store’s performance by revealing your strengths and weaknesses ness and allows you to buckle up in areas where you record low sales.

Customer Asset


Running a successful online store requires tracking your financial data with regard to customer’s transactions and pending payments.

Our “Customer Asset” plugin allows you to monitor and track your customer’s transaction details at any time. These include their specific payment methods, invoices, payments, credit slips, and the total sum of their balance.

This module optimizes your financial data management and allows you to quickly confirm and verify a customer’s balance status after payment of multiple invoices.

Bug Alert – No Order


Just as its name implies, the “Bug Alert – No orders” add-on gives you an apparent notification of an impending or active bug on your online store. 

Whenever it notices any form of breakdown or anomaly that’s preventing customers from placing orders, it informs you promptly via email. 

You can specify a threshold time in-between just a couple of orders during which you get a prompt notification and status update if you have not received any orders. This buys you enough time to resolve the issue and limit revenue loss to the barest minimum.

Auto Add To Cart


Our “Auto Add To Cart” add-on facilitates the automatic addition of products and services on your store to the cart based on some specified requirements.

As an admin, you specify the conditions that must be met to activate this module. The plugin then uses these specified conditions to determine when products should be automatically added without any external influence.

With this module, you can create a package that includes a wide variety of additional products or services alongside a popular product and make their purchase mandatory for every interested customer.

Invoice by email and/or fax


As an online retail business owner, there is no better way to bill your customers than the platform that led them to your business.

If you are planning to rely on your online retail business as your major source of revenue in the nearest future, prioritizing automated invoicing by email or fax should top your list.

Our “Invoice by email and / or fax” module automatically sends out invoice document by email or fax once an order status reaches a specified limit.

This is best suited for B2B platforms, where your customers are able to track their orders and pay without any hassle.

My Invoices


For many online shop owners, one of the most tedious parts of their job is “invoicing.” PrestaShop offers little or no assistance in improving invoice management on customers side. This alone is time-consuming and discouraging for customers who are looking to shop on the go.

Our “My Invoices” add-on allows you to keep track of all your business invoices in a swift, secure, and efficient manner. It helps to organize and arrange your customer’s orders and corresponding invoices in a clear and distinguishable format.

Pay by invoice w/ or w/o down payment


The success of an online retail business depends majorly on how you present your services to your customers. Our “Pay by invoice w/ or w/o down payment” plugin offers a new way to pay which doesn’t exist on Prestashop. Payment on invoice is essential in business to business transaction.

You can also ask your customers an initial deposit by check or bank transfer when they place their orders. This module constitutes a core value for B2B as it allows you to retain your professional customers after you have cracked the deal.

Pay multiples invoices


As an online retail business owner, accepting several payment methods involves more works for you, reviewing and organizing all invoices to guard against partial payments, overbilling, and corresponding multiple invoices.

During this process, mistakes may happen, which may affect your relationship with your customers and ultimately affect your finances negatively.

Our “Pay multiples invoices” module allows you to easily associate payments you receive by check or transfer with open invoices. This eliminates the possibility of errors associated with manual invoicing and saves valuable time and energy.

Restricted Payment By Outstanding


The goal of every business is to make a profit, and managing your finances effectively is a bold step towards a profitable online retail business.

Our “Restricted Payment By Outstanding” plugin allows you to automatically impose a limit on the payment methods of customers with an outstanding credit status.

For example, customers with an outstanding balance will be prompted to choose an alternative payment method between PayPal and Credit Card once the outstanding credit has been pre-determined.

As an admin, you can specify your preferred payment method whenever a customer exceeds his outstanding credit.