Invoice – Credit slip Export with CRON, FTP and email support


The last thing you need after a week of hard work is to start fighting with your accountant about missing invoices informations. Our “Invoice – Credit slip Export with CRON, FTP, and email support” plugin allows you to export your invoice data with just a few clicks. Simply choose the informations you need from more than 50 data offered by the module.

Our Prestashop addon is compatible with almost any accounting software thanks to the simple and universal CSV file it generates.

With this plugin, you can transmit your data automatically via e-mail and/or to an FTP server. Communication with your accountant had never been that easy.

Exporting invoices to pass on to your accountant has never been easier! The module “Invoice – Credit slip Export with CRON, FTP and email support” allows you to export both types of document in a format that is tested and recognized by accountants. Define the period to cover, the fields to retrieve, the filters to apply and the module is ready for export to CSV.

This module has been designed to simplify your task. “Invoice – Credit slip Export with CRON, FTP and email support” is almost child’s play. No more long hours looking for your invoices and asking how to send them to your accountant! The CSV file generated by this module will greatly facilitate your task! Everything becomes easy and possible … Indeed, this module has been designed to meet the finest and precisely possible specifications of any accounting software. To achieve this, this module is configurable taking into account numerous options.

Some users prefer to transmit their data automatically via e-mail or to an FTP server. We made it possible. If it is more convenient for you to send credit notes and invoices by e-mail each month, by exporting this data in a CSV file, this module also allows it!

Nothing is more precious than your time! This module will allow you to save it.

With the module “Invoice – Credit slip Export with CRON, FTP and email support”, you will be able to export the following fields :

  • Invoice number
  • Order reference
  • Order status
  • Invoice date
  • Client’s name (first name & last name)
  • Payment method
  • Total product ex. tax
  • Total product inc. tax
  • Total discount ex. tax
  • Total discount inc. tax
  • Total shipment ex. tax
  • Total shipping inc. tax
  • Total package ex. tax
  • Total packaging inc. tax
  • Total invoice ex. tax
  • Total invoice inc. tax
  • Payment date accepted
  • Eco-tax ex. tax
  • Eco tax inc. tax
  • Any other Customer or Order field at your convenience

With our Tax Details feature you can also export :

  • Ex vat amount produced for each tax rate activated on the shop
  • Tax amount produced for each tax rate activated on the shop
  • Tax Exemption
  • Tax reduction amount
  • Shipping tax amount
  • Package tax amount
  • Total tax amount

For each address, you can also export:

  • Company
  • VAT number
  • Identification number
  • Line 1
  • Line 2
  • Postal Code
  • Phone
  • Mobile phone
  • Country
  • State / Region
  • City

With this Prestashop module, you can:

  • Export the fields of your choice.
  • Use a simple drag and drop to rearrange the order of exported fields.
  • Insert a header line with the columns labels.
  • Insert a line at the bottom of the table to calculate the totals of the numeric columns.
  • Define the separator that you want to use for data export.
  • Restrict invoice export on 2 specific dates.
  • Define the customer group of the invoices to export.
  • Define the order status of the invoices to export.
  • Immediately download the CSV file containing the data export.
  • Trigger an e-mail sending of the export at a defined date and time (CRON task).
  • Proceed to an export of the credits.

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