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For many online shop owners, one of the most tedious parts of their job is “invoicing.” PrestaShop offers little or no assistance in improving invoice management on customers side. This alone is time-consuming and discouraging for customers who are looking to shop on the go.

Our “My Invoices” add-on allows you to keep track of all your business invoices in a swift, secure, and efficient manner. It helps to organize and arrange your customer’s orders and corresponding invoices in a clear and distinguishable format.

Frankly, who likes to have to manually sort between his invoices and his orders? Probably nobody. What a customer expects is an easy-to-read and organized customer space.

This is unfortunately not the specialty of PrestaShop – by default – but since we particularly like this perfect platform to manage an online store, we wanted to offer a solution that meets your needs and the expectations of your customers.

With our PrestaShop module “My invoices”, say goodbye to the catch-all space that does not distinguish between invoices and orders. Your customers know what it means to place an order and receive an invoice.

These are 2 distinct moments in the act of purchasing. It was therefore necessary to separate them to bring readability to your customers and thereby differentiate yourself from your competitors who would not (yet) know our PrestaShop plugin.

You’ll be able to immediately improve the customer experience by using the default display, i.e. the order history that mixes orders and invoices together. This catch-all presentation lacks legibility and is not at all pleasant to consult.

As a customer of an e-commerce site you would not like to face this difficulty in reading. If a customer regularly places an order on your e-commerce site, it’s a safe bet that he will be delighted to be able to find his previous invoices on the one hand and the details of his orders on the other hand.

This is even more true in a B to B business relationship. The easier the site is to read, the more the customer wants to continue to do business with your company. Nobody likes to complicate things.

Make your customers want to come back! Provide them with a management area dedicated to invoices. This improvement in the way bills appear in PrestaShop will make it possible:

  • Download invoices one by one.
  • Download invoices between 2 dates.

This simple yet convenient feature is not available natively in PrestaShop. It’s time for you to think about the comfort of your customers!

The PrestaShop “my invoices” plugin is there for you to bring a better service to your customers: seize this opportunity to take care of your customers !

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Kikelia Y.

Good job

Definitely worth the investment."

Glen I.

Great product, very useful and excellent support


1.5.x – 1.8.x

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