Customer Asset


Running a successful online store requires tracking your financial data with regard to customer’s transactions and pending payments.

Our “Customer Asset” plugin allows you to monitor and track your customer’s transaction details at any time. These include their specific payment methods, invoices, payments, credit slips, and the total sum of their balance.

This module optimizes your financial data management and allows you to quickly confirm and verify a customer’s balance status after payment of multiple invoices.

A shop management requires more than the sale or the conversion of prospects. Payment tracking is also essential if your customers don’t pay during their order. Selling is fine, but being paid is even better ! It is still needed to be able to manage the amount of information corresponding to customers transactions.

“Customer Asset” will allow you to know all details regarding the balance of a customer account at any time. Monitoring payments become easier because you can find payment methods used by clients. Indeed, the module links differents movements through a simple and effective application.

Thus, our module takes into account invoices, payments and credit slips. The total balance of the client is, of course, highlighted for ease reading. The information also improves your knowledge about customers to point out the payment methods most used by any client and the number of transactions carried out. All these information are useful for tuning and optimizing your e-commerce.

Installing and setting up, like our other modules, are without particular difficulty. Our module is compatible with all payment method, including those developed by our care such as “Pay by phone” or “Payment by invoice“. This module is the ideal companion to our module “Pay multiples invoices“. It will allow you to instantly check the balance of the customer in question after a payment of multiple invoices.

If you want to give a chance to your shop, it is better to follow customers payment and optimize your management ; this module intended to the analysis of the customers balance is exactly for you. It will bring you usefull informations to follow customers and their transactions in your shop.

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