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As an online retail business owner, accepting several payment methods involves more works for you, reviewing and organizing all invoices to guard against partial payments, overbilling, and corresponding multiple invoices.

During this process, mistakes may happen, which may affect your relationship with your customers and ultimately affect your finances negatively.

Our “Pay multiples invoices” module allows you to easily associate payments you receive by check or transfer with open invoices. This eliminates the possibility of errors associated with manual invoicing and saves valuable time and energy.

If you offer several payment methods or payment by invoice, you have surely been facing partial payments, overbillings or payments corresponding to multiple invoices.

All this requires tedious and careful manual action to define which are the paid invoices, invoices still to resolve, any assets to be created. Errors can slip and put hours of work in question. If under-invoicing will impact your bank account, the over-invoicing could tarnish the relationship with clients. An unhappy customer notifies 5 !

Our Prestashop module “Pay multiples invoices” will make you save valuable time by automating the payment process of several invoices at a time. Furthermore, it will spread the always possible and unpleasant human error. Offering a simple installation and configuration, the module is also elemental in its use.

You check invoices that should be impacted, you set the amount as well as the payment method and the module takes care of the rest. It will pay invoices by priority according to FIFO for “first in first out”, the oldest being first. If an invoice is closed out, our Prestashop module will send the customer an email of confirmation of payment. In the case of an overpayment, the module automates the creation and sending of a voucher to the client. In this case, in addition to saving time, you get a cash advance.

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