Invoice Without Tax (Tax excl / without VAT)


An online store with a diverse customer base undergoes a lot of complexity when specifying their VAT-inclusive and VAT-exclusive price lists. Some big entities may demand to have the VAT excluded from the actual selling price, and Prestashop does too little to make this task easy.

But sometimes, you have to look beyond Prestashop’s default modules to keep your high-paying clientele, and that’s where we come in.

Our “Invoicing without tax (VAT/ ex. VAT)” module will take the stress out of excluding VAT from the actual selling price and transform it into a useful task.

What seems obvious to a customer is not necessarily obvious for a site that sells online. A customer belonging to the “category” of private customers is only interested in one price: the price including VAT (All Taxes Included). If this applies, you add the shipping costs to this price and that’s all a particular customer wants to know in terms of price.

But some of your customers are not individuals. For them, it is important to separate the selling price (excluding VAT) and VAT (Value Added Tax).).

An e-commerce store that sells to private individuals as well as businesses or administrations has to deal with this additional complexity: separate the price and VAT for some of its customers but not for all.

Of course, in order for PrestaShop to know if it must display a price including VAT or a price excluding VAT, you must first (at the time of registration of the customer) have separated the 2 categories:

  • A particular customer group
  • A customer group made up of professionals and administrations.

PrestaShop knows how to display all taxes and VAT rates with an additional line dedicated to VAT but where this platform faces a difficult to solve pitfall is when invoicing the customer.

The invoice issued or displayed on the screen is produced only with prices inclusive of VAT. At this point, there were 3 possible solutions:

  • Reluctantly accept losing the pro clientele.
  • Manually edit the invoices of non-private customers to make them conform to their expectations.
  • Find a way to automate this tedious but oh so necessary task.

This is where our plugin “Invoicing without tax (VAT/ ex. VAT)” comes in. It will reconcile the pre-tax invoices. Finish with the manual edition of invoices and the customers who are forced to pay the VAT then forced to take steps with the tax authorities to recover this VAT which they should never have had to pay.

Your B2B customers and the administrations who place an order on your shop will no longer have to worry about VAT. As mentioned above, everything is done at the level of your shop’s customer group.

It may seem complex at first glance, but it is not. Our module is simple and quick to install. It is available in both French and English versions.

Due to the changing nature of tax regulations and VAT exemptions, this plugin for PrestaShop evolves according to the VAT changes and is updated as soon as necessary.

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