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In a competitive world where every customer’s choice is infinite and endless, an effective customer retention initiative is very important. That little customer incentive scheme may be the best way to retain your customers and stand out from the competition.

With the “privilege card” module, you can create a program which will allow you to group different kind of customers together. Our plugin adds a new field during registration and customer will land directly into the proper group thanks to his privilege card number. From there, customers are presented with customized juicy offers, discounts, and rewards for accepting to participate voluntarily. This segmentation enables you to bolster business relationship with your clients.

The purpose of the “privilege card” module is to work deeply on your customer relationship by using what all physical and online shops use: customer loyalty with loyalty cards.

The principle could not be simpler to understand: to encourage your customers to come back, to bring them back after a certain period without purchasing, to activate some psychological levers so that their average basket increases.

When a customer enters a card number or a member number, it is immediately transferred to the customer group that you have defined. From there, you can contact each customer group in a different way if you wish.

Play the loyalty card!

Whether your customer is provided with a privilege card, a membership card or a subscription card, this Prestashop module will throw open the doors of fine management of this privileged relationship.

You can choose to classify all your customers manually or automatically in the corresponding customer group. In terms of marketing approach, it is a must to be able to adapt the language and approach used to the type of client.

This segmentation of your customers will be the way to activate this or that reduction, this or that advantage depending on the customer group.

But what if you already have a number base?

Our Prestashop module has taken this situation into account: an import from a CSV file function for the existing ones is available in this module. Importing data from a CSV file is quick and easy.

Some users like to use the same number for several customers, others prefer a unique number: it’s up to you! Of course, you also determine which number belongs to which group.

With this Prestashop module, you can:

  • Add an additional field (privilege card number) on the registration form.
  • Automatically categorize customers into specific customer groups based on their card number
  • Perform a manual verification of the validity of a card number.
  • Take note of the card number of your customers
  • Make use of a unique number: 1 number = 1 customer
  • Use the batch card creation function with a CSV import.
  • Assign a privilege card to one of your clients from the Back Office.
  • Make it mandatory to enter the card number.
  • Send emails to customers and merchants when manual mode is enabled.

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1.5.x – 1.7.x

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