SIRET – Auto Group


For any French company or business establishment, it is mandatory to have a SIRET number that represents the firm’s unique geographic identification.

Using this module, your clients can add and verify the authenticity of their SIRET number under the SIRET field. This helps to determine the status of your business customers according to their SIRET number and classify them in a group in one click.

With this plugin, you can sort your customers easily in order to be able to send a personalized message and set up special discount offers that will be received by your high-paying business customers only.

What do all companies have in common?

In France, a company, a professional (specifically to set it apart from the individual) must have a SIRET number.

Prestashop allows you to automate many actions among which there is the grouping of customers by group.

Of course, you could sort your customers into the appropriate group one by one but it takes a lot of time, time that could be so much better invested in the development of your business…

Thanks to this module “SIRET – Auto Group”, you can let Prestashop take care of moving your pro customers to the appropriate group.

This presents a real advantage in terms of targeting. In the future, you will be able to send them a special message, give them a different welcome, allow them benefit from a special discount dedicated to professionals, etc.

Our module allows you to display a SIRET field during client registration. The module is responsible for checking if the SIRET in question is authentic and automatically moves the pro client into the group dedicated to your business customers.

Not bad right?

Is it complicated to check a SIRET number?

Absolutely not! This addon for Prestashop can handle checking the SIRET itself using an algorithm. Unless you prefer to do it yourself – and therefore manually – to control this on This choice belongs to you!

To make it even easier for you to manage the sorting of customers according to their status (private or professional). You have the option to make the SIRET field mandatory.

This criterion is to be used if you only work in B to B since it closes the access of your shop to private individuals.

Thanks to this Prestashop module, you will save time and avoid mistakes by classifying your customers more quickly.

Some will see the public price while others will have access to prices reserved for business customers. Everyone will find – according to their status – their price and the products it is authorized to order.

With this Prestashop module, you will be able to:

  • Make sure that your customers are required to fill in their SIRET number when they create an account on your shop.
  • Perform manual or automatic verification of the SIRET provided (by visiting Société.com or leaving the control algorithm).
  • Display the SIRET of the customers who filled in this information.
  • Categorize your clients (individuals / professionals) according to the presence or absence of a SIRET. A category corresponding to a given group. This sorting can be automated.
  • Manually control the SIRET by going to
  • Make the SIRET appear on your customers’ invoices.
  • Add a SIRET field to your pro clients.
  • Automatically send your customers their registration / validation confirmations.

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